Designing a Board Game — in Math

From Out in Left Field:

You’ve dodged rhinos in JUMANJI, driven down the roads of LIFE, and experienced the ups and downs of CHUTES and LADDERS. Now, take a turn at your own game.
Using what you know and like about your favorite board games, create a math game that uses all the multiplication and division facts up through the twelve times table.

Here are some things to consider as you design your game:
What is the objective of the game?
How would players advance? Would they solve word problems, roll, or spin?
Would players need cards, spinners, number cubes, pencil and paper?

As you prepare your game “Package” be sure to include:
* A title for your game
* A colorful and creative game board
* All the materials needed to play: spinners, number cubes, cards, playing pieces, etc.
* A clearly written set of instructions

Once you have created your game, practice playing it with your family and friends so that you know what works and that players enjoy it.

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