Make a Poster About Yourself

From Kitchen Table Math:

The assigning of art projects is just lazy grading, as far as I’m concerned. You can spot-check for the required elements without the need to analyze whether the student has mastered the material. Plus, it all looks good when admin stops by and they see all this “student engagement” thrown up all over the walls.

At our school, no matter what class they visit, students inevitably have to create a poster about themselves containing descriptive words and pictures. Most of them end up being on the inappropriate side because students are given few guidelines of what to say about themselves, so they generally try to reinforce the more shallow exterior facade they would *like* to represent to their peers. (We live in a tough area.)

Last year one of my students asked if we were going to do an “All About Me” poster project. I said no, and asked if she minded.

She said no. “I’m really tired of having to tell people about myself.”

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