Planning a Meal — for Math

From Out in Left Field:

Summer Math Project
A Festive Meal

For this project, you will help to plan and prepare a festive meal with family and friends. It can be for a special occasion, like a holiday barbecue or a birthday party, or just a nice dinner at home. You must:

-Assemble your project as a booklet or on a poster.
-Write a brief introduction that describes the event–What was the occasion? When did it take place? Where was it held? Make a list of everyone who came to the meal.
-Show the menu for the meal.
-Make an itemized list of everything you bought for the meal showing how much each item cost and find the total, or you can include the receipts from stores.
-Write down a recipe for a main dish, dessert or salad that was served at the meal.
-Save the label from a purchased item and copy everything included in the “Nutrition Facts.”
-Describe something from the meal that involves numbers. Be creative. For example, how many candles were on the cake? How many miles did your cousin from out-of-sate have to drive? How many coals were in the grill? How many cookies did you eat? How many trash bags did you need when you cleaned up? Etc.
-Include photos if you have them or draw an illustration.

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