Testimonials on a Thread about “Most Pointless Project”

From the School Survival Forums:

In English class my junior year of highschool, we had not one but two, stupid projects. The first was to create a childrens illustrated version of the novel “The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn”. We basically had to dumb the book down for ourselves.

The second was a scrapbook for the play “The Crucible” I mean really? Do we really need to do show and tell, and arts and crafts to understand the plot of a damn play. We’re 17 not 7.

And this:

Both of these came from the same teacher in 5th grade.
1) The Egg Project.
We had to take a hardboiled egg and decorate it and dress it up with a face and clothing, and any one single crack, and we failed. We then had to take a shoebox and make it an ‘atmosphere’ for the egg. My egg was a rabbi (easy to do) and he was rabbi’ing a military base (to soldiers ftw.)
2) The Cohen Project
We had to make this. Most of the class dressed up a doll. But since I have NO artistic skill whatsoever, my mom did it for me… on a water bottle.

And this:

Last year for History class we had to draw our own version of the Mona Lisa… I drew it as an old pedo man with a creepy smile and I got away with a C. The teacher came to me and kept telling me that it had nothing to do with the project he had assigned, and I told him it had nothing to do with History class, and he changed my grade from a D to a C and just gave me that “I’m gonna get my revenge soon” look… Pointless project, pointless work.

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