Air Bud for 3d Grade

From a disgruntled parent in Maplewood, New Jersey:

My daughter is in third grade at Jefferson. Yesterday and today, she told me they watched Bee Movie in class. During gym, they watched Air Bud. Nothing against Jerry Seinfeld, but shouldn’t our students be learning history, reading poetry, studying science, practicing multiplication or just quitely reading. Why are they wasting time and our taxpayer dollars for this? Has the school year ended???

I suppose our schools are doing such a good job that there is nothing left to teach the 3rd graders. Wow!!! Take a bow Jefferson!

In the two weeks remaining, the students could learn:

The 50 states and their capitals (and maybe learn where they are on a map).
The 21 counties of N.J.
The 43 U.S. presidents.
They could discuss the presidential race (at an appropriate level for 3rd graders) and at least learn a few issues that separate them (without the teacher telling the students her preferences).

To which another parent responded:

Are there rules about going beyond the curriculum and teaching the students 4th grade items before they get to 4th grade? If not, what is the harm?

What is the harm indeed.

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