Gas or a Movie?

From a teacher resource website, here’s a project aimed at 6th grade English:

Project Idea: Students will compare gas prices from the five different geographic regions of the United States along with local gas prices.  Through a group multi-media presentation and an individual essay, students will show how gas prices vary from state to state and how the prices ultimately make a difference in how people spend their money accordingly.
Entry Event: Over the next few weeks you are going to become news reporters for a local News Station. Your cover story is how gas prices affect 11 and 12 year olds. You will need to research information thoroughly to report your findings through a group multi-media presentation and an individual essay. To kick off the event, a newscaster will be brought in from a local television station to explain how reporters do investigations to cover a story. A local gas station owner or manager will be invited to be a guest speaker to help kick off the event, as well.  Their presentations will include facts and information about gas, where it comes from, the prices, and how it affects people with the everyday economy.

Am I old-fashioned for thinking that interviewing people about how gas is expensive doesn’t really do that much for English language arts?

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One Response to Gas or a Movie?

  1. ed says:

    I’m not sure a local reporter has ever said anything non-stupid about gas prices. That’s one of the topics that always brings out the ignorant in everyone. (It’s supply and demand, people!)

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