The Japanese Idea of a Good Project

From a friend who lives in Japan:

Here’s a Japanese cultural experience for ya: My second-grader had a special class at school all about poop. No, I’m not joking. Then, he’s had to keep a week-long “Poop Diary” (うんち日記)- what time he got up, what he had for breakfast, what time he went to bed, what time he did his business, etc. And for each day he had to circle the shape, which came complete with facial expressions: banana (smiley face), pebbles, runny? (sad face), and I cannot for the life of me figure out the last picture, although he looks distinctly unhappy… Anyway, at the end my son had to write his own ”thoughts” (じぶんのかんそう) and I as the parent now have to add my comments. It is due tomorrow.

Honestly, as an American I am sitting here at a complete loss as to what would be appropriate to write… “He passed this subject?” “It was truly a moving experience for him?” “There was a lot to digest but he really processed it well?”

Words fail me.

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