Bringing the Hard Rock Cafe To Town!

A model assignment for a 6th grade English class:


Project Idea: Working in small groups, students will create a multimedia presentation to showcase the attributes of a chosen city. Their goal is to convince the executives of the Hard Rock Café to open a restaurant in that location.
Entry Event: Students will be presented with an Entry Event Letter asking for their ideas to bring a Hard Rock Café to their city.

Classroom Management– Teacher will monitor and guide students through the project process. Reflection journals, research logs, and project checklists will be read periodically by the teacher to ensure that students are completing the necessary work. Teacher will utilize group observation checklist to make sure students are on task.

Grouping– Students will be placed into groups based on the city that they choose to represent. Teacher may limit the number of students who are in a group.

Types of Knowledge and Skills– Students will need to know how to navigate the Internet, identify relevant information and record it in student’s words, understand the format for writing a business letter, create a multimedia project, cite sources and work collaboratively.

Differentiation– The project involves a variety of activities including a skit, research on the computer, composing a business letter, creating and showing a multimedia presentation, and citing sources. There are both individual and group activities. These activities present an opportunity to reach auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners. Teacher will monitor and assess progress throughout the process and work collaboratively with the special education teacher. Assignments can then be modified if necessary.

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