Silly Projects in Education School

And a supposedly prestigious education school at that:

Mary Bushnell, Review of “The Arts and the Creation of Mind,” Teachers College Record, 106 no. 2 (2004):

A few times every semester in my undergraduate social foundations courses, I hand out boxes of crayons and paper and invite students to explore educational philosophies, histories, and theories through drawing. The idea behind the aesthetic activity is to encourage students to explore ideas from perspectives other than the linguistic manipulation of ideas, including the simple memorization of facts and concepts on texts. Through the experiences of color, shapes, spatial relationships, and textures, students have academic license to develop visually, as well as linguistically, and articulate their informed opinions.

Imagine a smart person who both enjoys an intellectual challenge for its own sake and who wants to study material that other smart people respect. Choice number one: Study engineering, analytical philosophy, biology, math, economics, or something of equivalent difficulty. Choice number two: study a subject in which college students are expected to do a coloring project.

Is it any wonder that smarter people tend to avoid education schools?

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