Homework Rant

From Marianne Jennings:

Not all homework is beneficial. Real homework hones. But busy work assigned as homework is, well, just busy work. There is a certain breed of teacher unaware of Bill Gates’ PowerPoint and who insists on posters, presentations and panoramas as homework based on the odd belief that children learn from such inane tasks.

My oldest and I spent her eighth grade year running to the party store looking for figurines and props for her American history class projects. It is her weakest knowledge area because there were no tests – just crafts.

When we walked the Freedom Trail in Boston following her eighth grade year of American history via poster board she asked, “Now what war was this?” When we walked to Ford Theater while visiting D.C., dangerous vagrants surrounded us and she asked why we were there. I explained that we were going to see where Lincoln was shot. She replied, clueless on even U.S. History time frames, “Well, no wonder he was shot. Look at this neighborhood.”

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