This Mom Needed Advice

because her daughter wouldn’t do projects. Part of the mom’s plea for advice:

I need some help, Moms! My 11 year old daughter refuses to do school projects. She is in 5th grade & does her classwork & homework just fine, but will not do her projects! She has been turning them in late all year long & I always end up doing a lot of the work just to make sure it gets done. I’ve talked to her teacher & she has made accomodations for her as she is ADD (just attention no hyper). She is on meds & it does help her stay on task when doing things but it’s not a magic pill that gets her to do something she plain out doesn’t want to do. I’ve punished her, yelling to the point where I’m crying from frustration & she’s crying because she doesn’t like to be yelled at, taken away priveleges, tried reward systems, etc. Nothing seems to work! She already stays in at recess to work on them but I feel that’s not fair to the teacher, or the other kids that do the work at home like they’re supposed to. At this rate she is never going to survive in Middle School, as I’m sure they won’t accomodate her to the point that her teacher now does & I don’t even want to think about High School. I’m at my witts end & I don’t know how to get her to realize that just like homework & classwork it needs to be done. She says it’s stupid.

Lots of people give this mother advice, mainly consisting of letting the daughter experience failing grades as the consequence of not doing projects.

What no one says: maybe the daughter is exactly right that her assignments are stupid. No one questions the sanity of a schooling system in which children are routinely asked to do inane projects on the pretext that it’s going to benefit them.

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